The OM Acupuncture Wellness offers

Private Room and Community Lounge Acupuncture Treatments using acupuncture, cupping, Guasha, Tui-na(medical massage), herbal medicine, aroma therapy, and more.


Feel enormous improvement in your mind, body, attitude, relationships and each moment of your life with The OM acupuncture wellness.

What is Private Room and Community Lounge Acupuncture?

Acupuncture practiced in a group setting with affordable services. It will be a very calm, relaxing, and restful treatment in a comfortable recliner. The treatment is usually on the front side of the body and mainly extremities.
*To get ready for a treatment, you just need to roll up your pant legs and shirt sleeves, as points on the lower arms and legs are the most commonly used.

Acupuncture practiced in a private room.  It will be a private and one-on-one treatment in a tranquil private room. The treatment is usually on the front and back side of the body. Other healing modalities can be used before or after acupuncture such as Cupping, Electro Stimulation, Infrared, Hot Stone Therapy, and Exercise Education depending on the patient’s condition.






We accept most of the insurance.

We are participating with Cigna, Beach Street,  Blue Cross, Blue Shield(BCBS),  Aetna, United Health(UHC), Easy Choice, Kaiser, American Specialty Health (ASH), HealthNet, Sharp Health Plan, Scripps Health Plan, all auto-insurances, and all workers’ compensation claims.


We accept FSA (Flex spending) and HSA (Health Savings Accounts). We can gladly provide you medical receipts and documentation for your reimbursement.

We are also in process of joining some of the insurance groups. 

However, all plans are different, and some has restrictions or deductibles that must be met before coverage begins. To find out the details of your coverage, please call us at 619-915-6007.


We can't wait to meet you and be a part of your health journey!