Tisha H. 

My  TMJ PAIN included inflammation(swelling), soreness, TEETH GRINDING, and popping or clicking of the jaw. Upon just one treatment with Dr. Hong, all symptoms were reduced by 80-90%. Inflammation and pain were reduced immediately! After living with discomfort for over 3 years, I’m overjoyed! Try it, you’ll be happy what you did!

Rhea W. 

Six weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a CONCUSSION. I was experiencing HEADACHES, MIGRAINES, FATIGUE and very stiff muscles in my neck. When I first met Dr. Hong I was a little nervous, but she eased my anxiety quickly. The acupuncture procedure itself was relieving, especially because Dr. Hong made sure I was comfortable the entire time. Over the course of my treatment plan, my muscles feel lighter, my HEADACHE and other symptoms have reduced dramatically. For anyone that has ever wondered about or considered acupuncture, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Hong. Thank you Dr. Hong!

Pamela H. 

I saw Dr. Hong for PAIN in my LEFT ARM and SHOULDER. This was my first experience with acupuncture. She explained in detail how it worked. She has a very soothing, calm demeanor, and was very professional. I felt immediate comfort. Thank you Dr. Hong.

Daniela J.

My initial problem was severe CHEST PAIN and BACK PAIN while breathing. I also had MIGRAINE and EYE PAIN , especially on my left side. I had this problem for almost 1 year. I wasn't feeling good every morning when I woke up. I felt the same awful pain every day.  I went to my primary Doctor several times, but the doctor said nothing wrong with my health. However, one of my friends referred me to Dr. Hong. Now I'm in treatment for stressed muscles. I take some natural herbs too. I feel very calm, relaxed, and easy to breathe without any pain. After almost 8 weeks of Acupuncture I don't feel the same pain as before. I'm very happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Hong because she is very professional and compassionate with her patients. And the clinic is very clean and follows Covid-19 guidelines thoroughly.

Norma A. 

I’ll start with a giant thank you! I feel welcomed by Dr. Hong all the time. Every time I come into the office, I receive a very PROFESSIONAL and RESPECTFUL SERVICE

Sarah D.

She has been such a blessing in my life since I became a patient of hers on a weekly basis for the past 3 months. I started seeing her for help with my HASHIMOTO’S SYMPTOMS(FATIGUE,STOMACH PROBLEM, TIGHT MUSCLE and BACK PAIN). I can testify whole heartedly to the relief her treatment provides me. After one session I feel relieved, relaxed, and happy. And my tummy troubles disappear too. Her love, advice and kindness are always a shiny moment in my day, and I always look forward to her healing and help. If you are in San Diego area, I highly recommend her.

Angelica P. 

When I came in for the first time with Dr. Hong, my pain level was what I believe to be at an 8. The treatment was fast. Dr. Hong placed the needles on my LOWER BACK. The most impressive thought is that at my third treatment I was already feeling relief my body testified for its own, in that acupuncture works! Today I am coming in with NO PAIN on my LOWER BACK or SCIATICA. I totally recommend people to try acupuncture for joint, SCIATICA, LOWER BACK.


Jenell T. 

Dr. Hong explains everything that I need done, and when she’s doing the acupuncture. Dr. Hong is great and I feel very comfortable. Dr. Hong’s staff was great. I highly recommend people to Dr. Hong.

Gloriela C. 

I’ve had BACK and LEG PAIN for the past two years. I had physical therapy and it did not help. I cannot take pain medication because I am allergic to them. So I have learned to live in pain. Finally I was lucky, my doctor gave me a referral to see Dr. Hong. This is my third time coming to see her. I have been able to sleep, NO PAIN during the night, NO CONSTANT PAIN during the day. I am more relaxed, less pain, and I know for a fact that I will get my life back together pretty soon.

Helen A.

In September of 2017, I injured my NECK and RIGHT SHOULDER. The aching pain persisted for almost a year despite the pharmacological and physical therapies I underwent to try and relieve it. After my first acupuncture treatment I already started to feel some relief in the following days. I went back for acupuncture every couple weeks and after just a few months I am pain free. I would recommend this to my friends and family, Dr. Hong is wonderful! You need to try it and experience the relief for yourself!

Chase F.

My BACK was hurt during motorcycle accident and FOOT was broken. My back is healed and my foot is almost fixed. Pain has diminished to almost nothing. It is pain free and very helpful. I would recommend Dr. Hong to anybody. The treatment helps and allows for more movement and mobility. Very Very helpful and relaxed environment.

Joe S.

I choose acupuncture instead of other medication. I believe my HEADACHE maximum pain level has been lower since treatment started. I had severe headache for a long time and thank Dr. Hong’s treatment and advice has lessened the pain. I would recommend this type of treatment with similar symptoms.

Jhona S.

I have BACK/SHOULDER/KNEE problem. I am having a lot of pain all over. My doctor recommended us to Dr. Hong. She has been a great help in relieving my pain and I enjoy every visit 2 times a week. She is great and very nice. I recommend her to everyone.

Tania S.

I have been bringing Elizabeth to see Dr. Hong for 6 visits now. Elizabeth is here due to a work injury of her LEFT FOOT. Under Dr. Hong’s treatment the swelling has gone done gently. The pain level has gone from 8 or 9 to a 4 or lower. She is walking much better and longer. 



Carol C.

In 2001 I got hurt at work, ended up with 3 BULGING DISCS in CHRONIC PAIN for close to 18 years. I couldn't stand or sit too long and was always having spasm. After only one treatment the spasm stopped for 7 days. I’ve only had two treatments so far but really looking forward to more. I recommend Dr. Hong to my family and friends. She has explained things to me more than any other doctor has all these years. I'm so grateful!

Charlotte P.

I was suffering from SCIATICA nerve pain in my left leg, and a SWOLLEN FOOT. From the first visit, I noticed relief, and now 5 treatments left, the leg pain is practically gone and the swollen foot, and blocked blood flow has decreased immensely. I am no longer walking with a limp, feel more balanced, and can go up and down stairs with a lot more comfort. Thank you Dr. Hong.

Lauren B.

I have had a great experience so far at acupuncture here with Dr. Hong. She is great and really knows what she is doing! I have felt relief from my symptoms already within a few weeks. She is professional, caring, and nice. I would recommend her to anyone suffering MUSCLE DISCOMFORT or JOINT PAIN.

Jessica H.

Dr. Hong is amazing. I have been so impressed with her. I feel that Dr. Hong truly cares about my WELL-BEING and does everything she can to help me heal. I see her about once a week and feel better each time. I highly recommend seeing her for any PAIN or other issues. She can treat so many ailments with her techniques. Thank you Dr. Hong!



Kimberly P.

After being in 2 very bad  CAR ACCIDENTS, my pain was severe. I had almost no mobility in my NECK and SHOULDERS without any help from other doctors, and with a fear of needles I reluctantly agreed to try acupuncture. I went to go see Dr. Hong in December and today I have complete movement back in my neck, and I have not had to take an ibuprofen in over 4 months. I highly recommend going to see her if you have been suffering with MUSCLE PAIN, NECK PAIN, BACK PAIN, HEADACHES. You will have relief after the first visit!