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The OM acupuncture wellness is your relaxing, healing, and resting place. We invite your modern life to healing medicine over thousands of year.
We provide safe and effective treatment and wellness services for a wide range of conditions. We use diversity of modalities such as acupuncture with or without electro-stimulation, cupping, Guasha, medical massage (Tui-na), patient education, nutritional counseling, stress management, aroma therapy, hot stone therapy, herbal medicine, and more to treat root of cause not just the symptoms. We will provide you an individualized comprehensive care for your physical, spiritual, and overall wellness.

We can support and bring you back to optimal state of balance in your body and mind.
Experience the healing efficacy of acupuncture with The OM Acupuncture Wellness!

Acupuncture works on wide range of common health needs by;

Increase energy 
Extract toxins
Decrease pain and muscle tension
Feeling younger and vibrant
Deep relaxation from the stresses of daily living


Acupuncture is not just for specific complaints

but to maintain good health and prevent future illness.




Common conditions treated;
   Neck and shoulder pain
   Headache and migraine
   TMJ (Jaw pain)
   Back pain and sciatica
   Hip pain
   Knee, ankle, and foot pain
   Elbow and wrist pain
   Muscle stiffness
   IBS and constipation
   Stress, Anxiety, and depression
   Chronic fatigue
   Sport injuries
   Car accident 

   For Complete conditions treated list;

   Neck and shoulder
   Headache and migraine
   Elbow, wrist and finger
   Thigh, knee, ankle and foot
   TMJ/ Jaw pain
   Frozen shoulder, Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow, Carpal Tunnel
   Muscle spasm
   Muscle stiffness
   Any sports injury

Headache and Migraine

Depression and anxiety 

Digestive or Bowel
   IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
Constipation, Diarrhea
Abdominal bloating

   Infertility and IVF treatment
   Menopause syndrome (hot flashes, mood changes, joint pain)
   Irregular menstruation

   Facial rejuvenation
   Hair loss
   Body contouring

   Sinus infection
   Common cold
   Anxiety, stress, and depression
Bell’s palsy
   Chronic Fatigue
Weight control
Recovery from any surgeries or trauma


The OM Acupuncture Wellness offers

a Private Room and Community Lounge Acupuncture Treatment.

Acupuncture practiced in a group setting with affordable services. It will be a very calm, relaxing, and restful treatment in a comfortable recliner. The treatment is usually on the front side of the body and mainly extremities.
*To get ready for a treatment, you just need to roll up your pant legs and shirt sleeves, as points on the lower arms and legs are the most commonly used.

Acupuncture practiced in a private room.  It will be a private and one-on-one treatment in a tranquil private room. The treatment is usually on the front and back side of the body. Other healing modalities can be used before or after acupuncture such as Cupping, Electro Stimulation, Infrared, Hot Stone Therapy, and Exercise Education depending on the patient’s condition.

*If you have neck or back pain, we strongly recommend you start with our Private Room Acupuncture Session. It allows your practitioner to access the problemed area and gives you more effective results .



  1. Eating food within 6 hours of your treatment is recommended. Empty or heavy stomach can make you feel dizzy or discomfort during or after acupuncture.

  2. Depending on your symptom, you might have to roll up your pants or sleeves. Wearing loose fitting clothing will make you comfortable during acupuncture session or you can bring your own shorts.

  3. Your first visit will last approximately 45-60 minutes. During the appointment, your provider will give you a treatment after taking a thorough history and examination including, as appropriate, traditional pulse and tongue exam, orthopedic testing, or other exams. 

  4. In order to maximize your time and ensure that you receive the best care, please allow up to 30 minutes (prior to your scheduled appointment time) to complete the registration and paperwork. This allows us to review your case thoroughly before your appointment, allowing more time for examination and questions about your condition and treatment options. OR you can complete the enclosed registration and medical history forms and bring them with you for your convenience. 

*If you have any symptoms that you are unsure of or worried about, please contact the office. If you have any severe symptoms, please contact the office or your physician immediately.


The Benefits and Science of Acupuncture:

Acupuncture has been found to work in five scientifically proven ways that promote optimal healing in the body. 

  1. Improves circulation in the area of dysfunction – By restoring circulation, the body can bring in vital oxygen, healing agents and cells to break down and carry away damaged tissue.

  2. Restores normal anatomical function – By using carefully selected points, the body will be able to restore the communications between the brain and organs, and restoring normal healthy body functions.

  3. Releases neurotransmitters and the body’s natural painkillers – The human brain is the most powerful pharmacy in the world. It is capable of creating all the pain killing and restorative elements the body needs to naturally return to a healthy balance.

  4. Calms the nervous system and induces the body’s natural rest and recovery responses – Even when they try to rest, many patients do not recover because of fatigue, anxiety, stress or depression. Acupuncture essentially sedates the fight-or-flight section of our nervous system and elevates the rest, recover and recuperate elements of the nervous system.

  5. Activates the immune system to quickly boost the body's natural defenses – Regular acupuncture sessions are known to regulate the immune system. This is important for patients suffering from pain due to autoimmune conditions. Acupuncture heals the inflammation and promotes better overall health.

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